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So, is the topic is about rubbish songs or well made videos ?

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Revisiting videos from the past can be dangerous. Looked up a human league song recently to show my family. I was gutted while watching the video. What I remembered as ´cool and innovative ´ was actually a bit sad. But like going back to a favourite childhood tv programme and realising how boring and predictable it really was.


So true. I’ve haven’t been able to watch the Woodentops since Jenny fell pregnant and ran away with Sam Scrubbitt to a squat in South Ken. It was bad enough when spotty the dog was minced up in the combine harvester.

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Must have been traumatic for you.

Many M. Python sketches have not aged well.

Do you want the 5 minute, or the full half hour argument?:rofl:

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Is he naturally orange?

Watched The Full Monty for the umpteenth time the other night. It features so much of the Sheffield street scenes that I remember fondly. The film hasn’t dated one bit but then I remembered that I had🤣


A fantastic film.

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Becoming an emigrant is a great boost to film enjoyment. I remember when the first Bridget Jones film came out I adored watching the London street scenes. Same for Love Actually and that Richard Curtis film about John Lennon that was filmed on the east coast.