Just for the pleasure of it -2022

SA cousins have just got to their favourite place.
Must say it does look wonderful… maybe… one day we’ll get there.



I have done both the Kruger and Tsavo East National Park in Kenya and enjoyed Kenya much more.

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Each person will have their own memories and preferences.
Me, I’d settle for anywhere… :hugs:

why not give us a link to a place you’ve visited…?? something cheerful/warm preferably :rofl:

Where I got married.

And where we honeymooned :slightly_smiling_face:



On a shoot with Dr Michael Wood, creator of the East Africa Flying Doctor Service, based in Nairobi.

We flew out in two of their planes to a grass strip in the Nairobi National Park, where we photographed Masai women ‘getting inoculted’ . They did also get real treatment if they were in need. And they got paid !

On the first day I went out in a Land Rover with all the ali boxes. We had to stop en route because several thousand widebeeste poured at the gallop across our track! I was so thunderstruck that I failed to get a single photo. Salt mines…

Dr Wood was flying the plane I photographed in flight, with my boss as passenger. The plane I was in fell in astern of him. As we approached Nairobi light aircraft airport, Dr Wood’s suddenly threw his plane onto the port wingtip and back level.

He and my boss got out, rather shaken. The airfield has Nairobi city rubbish dump directly downwind and the sky there is dotted with circling vultures. A vuture appeared directly ahead of Dr Wood, who took drastic evasive action.

If that had happened to my pilot, a heavy and expensive mass of aluminium flight cases would probably have burst thru’ the side of the plane.

Flying Doctor aircraft 2. Nairobi. Kenya-500

Flying Doctor aircraft 3. Nairobi. Kenya-500

Masai Woman 2. Kenya-500


so relaxing watching this glorious area unfold before my eyes…