Just joined but been here awhile

So im new to this site but been in france a few years permanently.

SO im an AE, running a pet vacation home for dogs and soon to be cats again.

My wife and 2 children are here with me and we just love it.

I see myself an an Immigrant as i find the term Ex pat very outdated and used by many for the wrong reason.

I love it here in France our neighbours around te villages are great, where we are there are very few non French Families.

My Business is great while we are almost 90 minutes from TOulouse we have a great deal of clients from Toulouse who prefer to come out to us rather than using the traditional lock up kennels. our client base is at the moment about 60% non french and 40% French but as we have just expanded that will be changing and we hope as another kennels has just closed due to not meeting the new requirements for dogs and their client base was mainly French we will be getting a few more French clients from there. In the new year im going to be helping them in turning their current place into a cattery.

Feel free to send me a Hi.


Hello Harry and welcome to the SF community. Lots of helpful advice here and some interesting topics too. Look forward to seeing more of your posts. :slight_smile:

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thanks. Im pretty well integrated into the community but kept meaning to join but never got round to it.

I am very much a marmite style I am either loved or hated lol. No real inbetween especial about the ex pat or Immigrant thing (I am an immigrant)

I get most of my help from the french but often do like to talk about things with english speakers too)