Just who are the Covidiots I wonder?

Seems to me it wasn’t just the people who were behaving badly who were the covidiots. Who, in their right mind is getting on a plane and going on holiday at the moment? Precisely because one has no control whatsoever over the behaviour of one’s fellow passengers. Seems to me all 193 passengers (193 for heavens sake) were pretty daft.
Different if you’ve HAD to travel for family reasons or whatever, but choosing to go on holiday by plane right now seems like lunacy to me.

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Hi Sue

How many of these will self isolate, even if told to.

Gets depressing after a while.


Apparently even the staff weren’t doing anything about it either.

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Millions of people. :grinning:

Probably the same type of brits that rent out there gites this summer

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Should be a capital ‘b’ for Brits and it’s ‘their’ not there, could do with a full stop at the end as well unless you haven’t finished yet! :grinning:

Also, be aware that Sue has rented out her gite this summer. :wink:

And so have we…it’s how we make money. But we don’t rent to Brits or covidiots!

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He writes like the character in Fistful of Dollars talks, through clenched teeth clamped on a dead cheroot.

Leave alone, say I. (I’ve intervened myself, the result was negligible to non-existent) :joy:


I was just pulling his Nordic leg Peter, the emoji was a clue. :wink:


And I was pulling his and yours with bells on, Tim, the emoji was a clue :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I questioned this months and months ago…and was challenged because of the French tourist industry (you will remember who you are, questioning me!). It should have been nipped in the bud from the start and supported by the government. They should have invested and stopped worsening this bloody situation. I’ve just moved into a little village and the pub/restaurant is up for sale, it’s so upsetting. The obsession is masks, why? Why is it not, why the hell have the government allowed free travel across the country, freely allowing the spread of the virus to open up tourism?? Nobody wants businesses to fail but at whose expense? England has been shocking but I feel France are struggling too…

I think you have to look at the bigger picture Gilly, there has to be a balance between keeping the country going and not allowing hospitals to be swamped and although cases have rocketed in the last couple of weeks there is a measure of control. The next month or so will be crucial as schools and uni’s open fully and everyone goes back to work.


True, but if I was cabin staff, how would I go about forcing recalcitrants to mask up? Do they still serve food and drink on planes these days? If I had once persuaded them with difficulty, how would I go about persuading them all over again?

Also, I thought that planes weren’t alowed to be full, social distancing etc.?

Is this still true? So glad I gave up flying 15 years ago and have no intention of ever doing it again. :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:

And what would you have done? After only 3 months of confinement the economy is on its knees, unemployment will be skyrocketing, educational standards falling, psychiatric problems mounting. The vast majority of tourists we have had this year have been French (and we have never seen this before) , not international. Should they have forced the country to stay confined another month, 3 months, 6 months or until there is a safe vaccine which could be years? You cannot infantilise a population forever.


There’s bound to be an increase in cases as people travel and mix again, but it looks like the main factor in the increase in the cases figures is simply the increase in the number of tests. The figures for deaths don’t seem to be going up significantly in western Europe - indeed the most reliable figure - excess deaths - is actually negative in some places. Looks to me as if we just need to do what we have been doing for a while longer - social-distancing where possible, hand-washing, mask-wearing, etc - but not going to extremes unsupported by any real evidence.

Pedantic Tim, we have not rented out our gite this summer.
The problem is always that the thoughtful and intelligent get treated in exactly the same manner as the idiots.
I, for one, am fed up with being dumbed down.
It is about time that stricter fines etc. were brought in to stop these lunatics holding raves. I don’t think 10k is enough.
Anyone who gets on a plane to come on holiday to Europe needs their head reading!

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My daughter has just flown back to the UK having flown out to stay with us for 3 weeks.
Early in the pandemic I assumed that aircraft would indeed be among the least safe places, and I discouraged her visit - but it turns out on researching it that aircraft are in fact among the safest places, as long as reasonable precautions are followed. What I didn’t know was that the air re-circulation systems remove viruses - they can in fact remove particles much much smaller than coronaviruses.
Given the same precautions - social-distancing where possible, hand-washing, mask-wearing, etc - and given the fact that my daughter’s flights were only about a third full - I concluded that aircraft are actually safer than, say, the restaurants etc she, and we were going out to anyway.

On the one hand we don’t want to go on holiday this year and are relieved that all three of our planned trips have been cancelled but then on the other we have welcomed people from various countries as we need to work, I guess many are or have been in the same position.

You cannot be sure how full the aircraft is going to be can you?
Those poor people paying over the odds to get before 4am on a Saturday and the aircraft totally full.

What they should have done was the sensible thing…keep the country safe!

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