Kallette seeds

I have one Kallette plant from last year which has gone to seed. If I collect the the seeds once they have dried out, will they be viable as seeds to plant for next year?

Depends which seed you bought, if they were F1 then no. Because they are quite new on the market most of them are.

I took a cutting off my kalette before it went onto the compost heap, which took well but has already started flowering and going to seed…:cry:

What is kallette?

Thanks Jane, I understand the F1 bit but have long since lost the seed packet to verify. I also have a cutting starting to grow so will see what become of that.

SuePJ - Kalletes are a cross between Brussel Sprouts and Kale. It is a superb tasting vegetable and easy to grow but the seeds are expensive and not always easy to find in the shops.

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They are wonderful as Mik says…we were eatimg them all last winter even when we had to dig them out of the snow. Little fluffy brussel sprouts with great flavour.

Last year for the first time I saw them on sale at our bio shop - at a price! Amd have never seen plants for sale. So we grow from seed, and so far our (expensive) packet has managed to give us enough seed for 3 years. Will have to buy another packet next year!!

Do you remember if it was an expensive packet? If so then prob F1.

Absolutely my two favourite green veg - well, maybe broccoli and cauliflower as well. :grin:

I’m not growing any veg this year because of likely drought - but I an tempted. Could I pop some seeds in a large pot on the veranda? And is it too late to plant?

My cutting from last year was in a pot from September through to a week or so back. So I guess as long as it’s deep enough should be possible. Need 185 days, so if you can get them to germinate (might be too hot) you could be eating them in December. Buy a packet, sow one or two seeds and ut rest of the packet in the fridge for next year?

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My seeds were expensive. The cost of the packet seemed reasonable but there were only 18 seeds in it! I guess they were F1.

Sue PJ, if you like sprouts and Kale, you will LOVE kalettes. Worth having a go. Just google for online seeds.

Delicious when eaten conventionally.

One unusual way to use then is to air fry them until crisp and eat them like that with aperos.

I have also just “invented” a recipe where I air fry kalettes untill crisp. process them to crumbs, then coat some prawns with it (as you might breadcrumbs) and fry. It tastes good in my head - I will report back when I have grown some and tested it.

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That’s the first thing that has made me interested in the idea of an air fryer!