Kamado Joe - Classic 1 BBQ for sale

Used about half a dozen times, very good condition.

Red Ceramic shell with side shelves on wheeled stand, c/w extras including Pizza stone and heat deflector.

To be collected from 30450 Le Chambon, Gard, between 6th and 23rd August if possible (or other dates later in the year)

You’ll need an Estate, Van or Pickup and 2 fit people to carry it, although we brought it from UK in a Peugeot 206 SW so you might get it in a hatchback.

690 Euros ono

Looks in very good condition Jon, but why would one need one? Bit of a sales pitch needed IMO to shift it, n’est pas? :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve looked at big green eggs but could never work out what it gave me over my Webber.

Long slow cooking, once hot it can stay that way for 24hours so slow roasts with marinaded food rather than the high speed fast bbq. Not sure thats actually what you’d want for a pizza though.

My favourite information source for smoking etc also has items on Kamados - mainly Monolith rather than Joe but this is the one on Pizzas…


She’s back! Welcome back @AngelaR!

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Thank you Kirstea - what a kind girl you are!


What an annoying man, trying to justify using the wrong type of bbq to cook a pizza. These are meant to retain heat for slow roating. How many hours did it take to get it to high temperature? Why turn the pizza when its in a round bbq? Turning is traditional where a wood burning pizza oven has the fire to the back or side. It still didnt have le crunch to the base.
Was it just an advert?

Welcome back, I’ve missed you!

Have you been out and about in your camping trailer? I wondered where you’d got to.

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good to have you back… but you’re too late for my orange cake… :wink: :rofl:

Ah ha. So it wouldn’t enhance my usual cremation of whatever has been unfortunate enough to end up on the old Webber then. Mind you, a temperature probe I got in Lidl about five or six years ago has reduced the risk of Salmonella for our guests.


No it wasn’t. It’s part of a series of “How-to” videos, most of which are about normal barbecuing and several are extremely good ones on hot and cold smoking techniques.

Had a few health issues unfortunately so haven’t been around. We picked up the new caravan on Friday and tested it out in the garden last night!!


Thank you @toryroo - very kind!

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Sorry to hear that, hope you are feeling better now. Glad you have finally got to go in your new caravan.

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That’s a shame! Perhaps another one??? :rofl:

I’ve done 3 or 4 in the last few weeks… enough is enough! I’m telling all the locals who have missed-out that they’ll have to wait until the autumn now… :rofl:

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piccies sometime?