"Keep up your English" teacher needed for British 6&7 yr olds nr Carcassonne

We are a British family living near Carcassonne. Both our children are at school in France, so I am keen to help them read and write and maintain their standard of English. While their French (reading & writing) gets daily practice at school, we are only able to get them to spend time with us working on their English sporadically.

I am therefore trying to find a teacher (perhaps a retired UK Primary teacher?) who can do an hour or two with them each week. All suggestions welcome!

If you haven't found anyone yet, have a look at www.blackheneducation.com I thought it was very good but found I didn't have the time to spend with my daughter to do it properly but I may have another go now she is older and likes to work independently.

sorry, I see now that you put their ages in the title! Let me know if you find someone and if ever you're travelling North it would be lovely to meet you as it's quite isolated here so always glad to see new faces :)

Hi, unfortunately I think it probably is too far away. I have boy who’s 7.5 in CE1 & a girl who’s 6.5 in CP. I’ve had no luck locally so far, so we may need to travel…

Hi, I'm guessing St. Pons is too far for you? How old are your children? Our twins have just started French school here so soon we will be in the same boat..