Keeping a car in France

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@Graham_Roberts … so this is one area where being American in France can be a asset ??

Glad they have something going for them… :relieved:

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Just in case anyone has issues with what side of the road to drive on, when in France I always have my UK SatNav left in the car and plugged in - everytime I start the ingintion I get a ‘bing bong Drive on the Right’. Sudden memory lapse and possible early death avoided.

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Two quick points Mel. Your car doesn’t need to have passed the CT to be registered, it just needs to have done it and diesels are generally cheaper to register than petrol because they produce less Co2 for a specific power output.

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Buy an automatic.

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@John_Scully … I think I have read somewhere that diesel is being phased out in France… it is certainly being penalised.

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I don’t think newer diesels are being penalised, I registered a new 240BHP TDI last March and the pollution penality was less than it’s 200BHP TDI (petrol) sibling. Consumption is much better as well. There are interesting scrappage schemes for older diesels though.

(stella wood) #69

Which Crit’Air sticker did you get for your car… or haven’t you needed to apply for one yet. I see that Paris is banning diesel altogether…whilst petrol is being treated slightly more favourably.

Anyway, each to his own…we’ve had diesel for years, but I am relieved that we are now on petrol… but that’s me… :grin:

(John Scully) #70

There are a few cars chez nous and despite not needing Crit’air stickers in our neck of the woods I got them for all of them. I’m a bit obsessional like that :slight_smile: . A souped up 2012 Morgan petrol sports car got a “1”, the 2017 240BHP diesel Tiguan got a “2” and our 2000 2 litre petrol Peugeot 306 convertible got a “3”. Interestingly I’d I’d say the Morgan is the most polluting overall.

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I should have said that means no problems in Paris, Grenoble, etc for our diesel.

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Wow… your 2017 diesel is amazing… well done.

(John Scully) #73

Yes, they have a now have an extra tank in which one puts AdBlue fluid which reduces the emissions significantly. I’ve just reached 15K and I need to top up the AdBlue in the next 2K having added about 10 litrs in the last nine months. Costs vary but in bulk it’s a few euro a litre and my tank takes about 15 litres.

(Melvyn Anthony) #74

My understanding regarding the CT requirement is that the car must not fail because the main beam headlights are UK oriented. Therefore it is necessary to either fit the car with European headlights or have a car with horizontally-dipping headlights (like the Citroen C6 that I recently imported and had immatriculated over here). This CT certificate is one of the documents specified by all the prefectures where I have registered vehicles during the past 13 years or so. Your point as to diesels is doubtless correct, although they are gradually being vilified over here, too.

(John Scully) #75

“the car must not fail because the main beam headlights are UK oriented”

That’s what one would expect Mel but my experience was diferent. About six years ago putting the little blackout stickers on RHD headlights was sufficient to pass the CT. Then they changed the rules and required LHD headlights (unless the car had ones that could be switched between RHD/LHD). I got caught out only a couple of weeks after the change when my car failed and I thought I’d have to pony up a couple of grand for replacement headlamps. The CT guy explained that to register you only need to have done the CT, not to have passed it. Which was the case when I pitched up at the Prefecture. So, I could still register the car and had the time to research and order cheaper replacement OEM headlamps from Germany.

(Tim Williams) #76

If you were resident in France you would have no choice but to re-register etc. But as you are UK resident you may be able to insure the car in U.K.? You need to check out the number of days your UK insurance allows you to drive outside UK. This might then save you the cost and hassle of registering the car in the French system and possibly having to change headlights. French insurance agents will provide a cover note for a UK registered car but usually this is only for one month. I have heard of some who simply keep extending the cover note but I’m not sure how they would stand up in the event of a claim.

(Ashley Clarke) #77

Hi Tim
As an interim measure, we are thinking of insuring with another UK car insurer who will permit longer foreign without punitive additional charges.

(Anna Watson) #78

Check the small print. I used to be with NFU who covered unlimited foreign use, but excluded any periods when the vehicle was left abroad unattended.

(Ashley Clarke) #79

OK, thanks.

Anna Anna Watson
January 11 |

Check the small print. I used to be with NFU who covered unlimited foreign use, but excluded any periods when the vehicle was left abroad unattended.

(Melvyn Anthony) #80

Well,John, I would love to believe your CT man. I have used some 4 different CT garages when registering cars in France and all 4 have told me that the one really important factor is that the headlamps must conform to European standards. When I had to appear in person at a Prefecture to effect the immatriculation, so long as I had all the other papers in order they only looked at the CT Certificate to ensure that the headlights were in conformity.

One day I’ll take the time and trouble to look up the actual CT regulations on this point…



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@Melvyn_Anthony and @John_Scully @AshleyClarke

I have messaged you… :smile: about tidying your posts…

Thanks for your reply Melvyn… as agreed, I have tidied you up…:smile:

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Hell Stella,

I have no idea what messaging me means.

If it is to do with so=called Social Media, I must inform you that I do not use it.


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