Keeping a car in France

(Timothy Cole) #83

This was my experience last week at my usual CT station when I booked in my RHD van for a CT before re-registering.

I had to show the UK reg document which had the ‘E’ number on it, without this I would have needed a COC before he would do the test. In addition he made it very clear that the headlights had to be changed otherwise he would fail the van.

(John Scully) #84

The prefecture doesn’t care about your headlamps or any other specific CT regulation Melvyn, they just care whether the CT has been done or not and my point, which the CT guy told me and which was proved correct when I registered the car, is that one just has to have had the CT performed, not to have passed it. In other words, you can register a car with a failed CT cert once the CT has taken place within the specified period. That’s the interetsing thing IMO :slight_smile: I’m no stranger to the CT process myself, two new cars from the UK, one VAT paid one not, one from Germany, one from Italy (interestingly a Morgan) and one from Ireland.

(Ashley Clarke) #85

Many thanks

(Graham Lees) #86

See the top right hand corner of your open tab in the browser… It shows how many messages you have waiting to be seen.


(stella wood) #87

He did find the Message in the end… not quite so much a Dinosaur as he thought he was… :wink:

(Melvyn Anthony) #88

We might have to agree to differ on this one.

However, I have a car inported from the UK that I will be attempting to immatriculate here during the next couple of months, and I will see what happens re a CT fail;ure if such happens to occur. Until then…

(stella wood) #89

Do it before May 2018… Melvyn…:wink: while the easier rules apply…

(John Scully) #90

I registered my RHD 2000 Mercedes 320SL (owned from new) in Draguigan sous prefecture five years ago with CT certifcate stating it had failed due to having RHD headlamps. Now you either believe me or you don’t, je m’en fou.

I stopped bothering to come here because too many threads ended up in pissing contests. Obviously things haven’t changed.

(Graham Lees) #91

but, you still follow these threads :thinking:

Things have indeed changed on SF but no so much on AgloInfo

(Timothy Cole) #92

Serious question John, did you have to change the headlights to get the car to pass the CT?

(David Martin) #93

I don’t see the confusion. If your car fails its initial CT you can still use the failure certificate to register the car. Under the current system you have two months to sort the car out before getting it retested. If, as John’s car appears to have done, it failed because it’s headlights dipped to the left it is possible to register the car and have two months to source and fit the new lights.

(Melvyn Anthony) #94

With respect, no contest…

Au revoir!

(Melvyn Anthony) #95

Stella, thanks for the reminder - I certainly do intend to do it before May.

Bon cordialement,


(John Scully) #96

Yes I did it quickly Timothy as obviously I could have been fined for having not having a valid CT if stopped. But being able to register it gave me time to source cheap OEM ones. The price from MB was around 1000 euros each and I got a pair posted from a German spare parts supplier for around 800, if I remember correctly.

(John Scully) #97

I only popped in because I got a reminder email Graham. I don’t think I’ve ever browsed AngloInfo though I did see comments on here a long time ago saying it was an aggressive sort of place. I’ve always thought SF was a good place to swap experiences and get advice. It just seems a bit pointless if one’s experiences are challanged :slight_smile:

(John Scully) #98

Exactly David.

(Timothy Cole) #99

Thanks John.

Things have changed a bit now in that re-registering has to be done on-line not at the prefecture, I’ve had to upload scans of the relevant bits of paperwork and am waiting to see whether these are acceptable.

I thought I’d get ahead of the game and bought my Transit LHD headlights on-line from a Polish website a couple of weeks ago, 135 Euros for the pair including postage, direct from Ford was silly money.

(stella wood) #100


My experiences (on a variety of topics) are often challenged… mostly wrongly and sometimes rightly… as, in some cases things change over time…

I have been caught out with some recent changes… arrrrrgh

Let’s all keep sharing and talking… that’s what makes the world go round :grinning:

(Linda zaben) #101

Yes please post the process. I’m moving to France soon and want to take my three year d car with me. It is a Peugeot 2008 and I love it!

(Sandra Shadrach) #102

Hi Linda, think you may have posted this to the wrong thread here… Will leave you to find the person who knows ‘the process’ for you. We imported a new Volvo into France from Belgium 16 years ago as it was much cheaper than buying in France, but that was so long ago, things will have changed!

Sorry cannot be of any help here. Enjoy your move to France, bienvenue…