Keeping birds out of roof

We live in a part of France where roof tiles are semi-circular. We have that type of tile on our pool house and over the years sparrows have got under the tiles and nested. We’ve put up with it, but now have new tiling round the pool and I want to keep it all looking cleaner. If possible I’d prefer to use a plastic barrier rather than cement and wondered if anyone has come across a system like the one in the photo below and if so, where can I buy it and what’s it called in French? Thanks for any help / suggestions. Sue

Obturateur des tuiles… available in plastic or zinc in many designs.

We had sparrow boarding below our tiles, but insisted it be removed when we redid the roof as we love our squabbling sparrow flock!

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Thanks Jane - the joys of a forum! I will now google it and find a local supplier. I was in Tridome earlier and no one knew what I was talking about, though I’m pretty sure they had them in stock in the summer! We too love our flock but it has now got so big that the pool surround looks messy every morning as they launch themselves from the roof - not great for our guests. Also, we’ve lots of good nesting place elsewhere - three big leylandii for a start

Several couples set up shop at the top of the window the main bedroom in our gite…every year we say we must block up the holes as it’s right by the bed. And every year we forget until too late and they are in residence!. It will happen one day.