Keeping warm in winter

Many ex-pats will be familiar with the first French winter, which can be summed up in one word. Harsh.

As a lot of expats are renovating their properties from scratch, or trying to make a living by renovating other places, I thought I’d share this…IT’S FABULOUS!


It reminds me of the Roman style of underfloor heating and if I were planning a big renovation project I would try to build something like this…they are gorgeous! I’d also include a back boiler for the water and I’d link it to a solar water heater on the roof,or in the garden if my roof wern’t south facing.

you can get more info about grants for water panels and eco-heating systems from the links on our energy and electricity page and from the discussion

energy and electricity discussion

The only good thing about the winter is curling up in front of a log burner toasting our toes, thanks for the picks Jo