Keeping wild boar

Hi does anyone know if there are any rules and regulations about keeping wild boar, as we have just found a young one that has been handreared at some time and then dumped in the forest. It was at the side of the road, and came up to the car, and when you touch her, rolls over for her belly to be scratched.

She is so cute, but I don't want any problems with the law, and cannot bear to give her just to anyone. If someone knows of a place where she won't be shot and will be looked after, please let us know.

Wild boar come under the jurisdiction of the La Chasse, contact your local Chasse office. I would imagine the animal would be released into the nature. The boar hunting season stats around the beginning of september (I think) so there's time for the boar to find some mates.

Thanks for all your replies. Piggie as she was called, decided that she wanted to be set free and let herself out of the enclosure. The field was fenced with sheep netting 1.5 m high, but she went under it. I decided that I did not want to have to dig in a fence all the way around 1 hectare and also didn't fancy the thought of the males when she came into season.

So she is now roaming wild, and hopefully by the hunting season will have reverted back to her wild state.

there used to be a website/forum called PIGS IN FRANCE, not sure if it is still active.

same rules as keeping pigs,

Go to your local vet to begin with, ask him/her for advice then you will need to apply to your department's DREAL (directions régionales de l’environnement) office for permission. Being a wild animal, no matter how tame it is in reality, you will be obliged to enclose it and sign the enclosure. There is a couple not so far away who have an area of woodland fenced off as a 'nature reserve' with all the signs about no hunting and that it is a réserve naturelle intégrale. I don't know the people myself, but know how much it riles the hunt when I am out with them in that area. Be quick though, hunting starts in mid-September and should your boar stray too far from you it may just be seen and...

I had a neighbour who had a wild boar when I was a child, but that was a loooong time ago, and I can't remember how the story ended. The only information I could find is this: which indicates you need to ask for special permission to keep any wild animal. Good luck!!