Key cutting

Can anyone tell me what is the correct term for getting keys cut? " Tailler les clés"? Is there a specalist for this? I need a spare key for the house and for the car.

Just a quick update. Found a key cutter in our nearest town. He also repairs shoes and clones remote controls. He cut three house keys and one car key for €29, which seems reasonable enough. Going back today to see what he charged for repairing my shoe. Car key is a plain copy, no remote control for locking, etc.

The last car key a friend of mine ordered (could only be done through his garage) cost almost as much as the car was worth!

Yep, children never forget. Such was the propensity of our lot over the years to mention something (usually in front of guests) that we established a "most embarrassing moment" session, usually at Christmas when just family was at the table. Spared us a few blushes over the years.

If your directions are faulty, you will here all about it from me! ;-) Seriously, if we don't find him, we can carry on to Géant.

Dont be too sure -

You are dealing with a man who has been lost in most major cities throughout the world, including once driving a 30' campervan down the bottom steps of the Acropolis 30 years ago and who took 3 hours last year to travel the (supposed - they lied !!) 2.5 km trip from Montpellier airport to the shop that sold GPS's - Oh the shame (especially as my eldest son was in the car with me and mentions it frequently)

Thanks Andrew. Need spare house key, and I would be happier if we had second car key. We bought the car privately, but all paperwork is done and we do of course have the carte grise. I might have to contact Renault directly to find more information.

Thanks Steve. That was actually crystal clear. We are south of Carcassonne, so would come into the city via Trebes. I am pretty sure I can find it from your directions.

ah if it's a car key I think it's a different ballgame and you need to have the carte grise minimum. Not sure if the usual clé minute do the more modern car keys either as you can't cut them on a standard machine - phone your dealer, they'll never answer an email within a month!

Sheila (not sure which way you get to Carcassonne from your place and this will get very vague very quickly as I am on the Congo and trying to remember an old conversation).

Apparently as you come into Trebes from the main Carcassone road and just before you turn down the road that then crosses the river heading into Trebes centre, there is a locksmith/key cutter on the left hand side of the main road, just past the turn-off. I think it may be a hardware shop that also does keys

God, that was even less clear than I expected- good luck


Well, the thought was much appreciated. Yes, looks like a little road trip is in store for moi. I know Géant on the southern edge of Carcassonne do it. About 45 minutes drive away. Not sure about car key though. Have sent query to local garage via email. Might get a reply next month!

Like the pun Sheila, not trying to teach anyone to suck eggs ;-) I think you'll need to go into Carcassonne though.

Thanks Andrew. My day to day French would be up to the task, but I need to find one first, so was trying to search Pages Jaunes and didn't know what the best key words (pun intended) would be.

Sheila you're looking for a cordonnier (cobbler) who usually do them, a "clé minute" where some tabac-presse have a machine tucked away at the back of the shop, you want a double de clé just ask est-ce que vous pouvez me faire un(deux, trois etc) double(s) de clé svp. ;-)

Thanks again Richard. No Leclercs nearby that I know of. Will try pages jaunes. The Geant in Carcassonne does it but that is a 45 minute drive.


If you have a large leclercs near you they usually have a "run" of little shops opposite the check outs, If you see one that repairs shoes, sells leather wallets etc, they also cut keys, at least ours does, don't bother with "Phrasiology", just walk in , show them the keys you want a replica of and say ---" le Meme sil vous plait"----- indicate with your fingers how many you want ---problem solved.