Kindle app on smart phone

Kindle is inviting me to download its app onto my smart phone and I wondered how greedy it is in terms of usage? Anyone any experience please?

Almost nothing.
I prefer using it on phone to my Paperwhite. More settings you can adjust on phone.

I set it up so all the Kindle books are not in phone internal storage but on an SD.

Last year’s and earlier versions of the Kindle software were driving me nuts with hangs on all my Android phones. Once you got over a certain number of books, in my case quite a few hundred, the Kindle software seemed to lose its ability to address them on the SD card and kept hanging failing to load.

Kindle app is very simple. It seems to lack error handling and so when it hangs sometimes even stopping app and clearing its cache won’t fix it - even if you reboot it won’t clear itself it will go straight back into the hang on that book. If you’ve a Kindle update offered in Playstore that will clear it.

Those problems have now been fixed it seems so I’m back happy no probs on any of my 3 phones.

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I find it fine on my iPhone, but I don’t download all my books onto the phone, just the one(s) that I’m reading. The amount of data for a book isn’t so massive that I’d worry about using my data connection to download it, but I’d usually use wifi anyway.

Once the book is downloaded data usage is minimal.

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Thank you all. Good to know. I’ll give it a go.

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Yes it works well - even better on an iPad I find, with the bigger screen, though an iPad is heavier than a Kindle device.