Kindle sharing?

@Jane_Williamson : Did you see this one in today on the Daily Deals? I know you are a Kindle fan.

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Thanks, but I am not a Michael Connelly fan.
I got two booksntoday.

This is a good site: - showswgat’son offer

Does anyone know is there anything that will play (read aloud) a Kindle book you’ve got already ? Or is the only way, to buy the Audible version as well?

Bocuse - the famous French culinary reference / technique book - is available on today, only, for just £0.99p.

Type B01ELUVUHG to search it.

This is a work the French will never discount to this extent - part of French culinary heritage. Heathen Anglos are perhaps less of a risk to discount to, as many won’t recognise it for the famous work it is :slight_smile:

@DrMarkH ?

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Still have a lot of books from that era - Bocuse, Nico Ladenis, Antoine Moisimann (my brother worked under him at the Dorchester), but in the late Eighties discovered Alice Waters Chez Panisse followed by the Zumi Cafe and have been in that sort of sunnier mode ever since, Still buy the occasional cook book, but find the NY Times Cookery pages and Marmiton more useful.

But don’t have a Kindle and doubt my wife would want me splashing food on hers…