Kindle sharing?

I’m currently reading a book on my kindle that I know OH will enjoy. Is there any way I can copy/transfer this book to OH’s kindle?
I could lend him my kindle but he has a paperwhite and I’ve got one of the original cheap grey things. I know he would prefer to read it on his.
Thanks for any info.

We just keep them all on the same account but this might help.

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Thanks John - I’ll let you know how I get on.

Me too, so ancient it has a little keyboard. Its battery puffed up and burst it open a couple of months ago, gruesome.

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Jim gets all my purchases on my old kindle.

Use a laptop or PC - download Calibre and use that to move things to/from Kindles. It’s basically a database and makes managing your library / moving stuff easier.

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Sorry John, unfortunately only partial success. It looks like the household sharing option is not available on French kindle. Some of my early books (pre 2013) I bought from the UK site and he can now see those, but not my more recent ones bought on the fr site. And it’s a more recent book.


Just get him to associate his Kindle with the French site?

I don’t think you can have family sharing between users in different countries. You both need to affiliated to the same Amazon site. On the other hand, there is no limit on how many Kindles can be logged in as you.

No help to you but I have 2 Kindles and keep them balanced between them all the time. What happened was my 3rd Kindle appeared to have expired so I bought another one, Paperwhite, bothfrom Amazon UK. Then the 3rd mysteriously started working again si I began to use both. They are both registered to my account so easy to keep them both current, but I did have a problem to start with because my son ordered and gifted me my 4th Kindle, the Paperwhite, and so it was registered to him. It took quite a bit of back and forth with UK help chat but we made it in the end.

So, in short, buy both from the same Amazon site and register to the same person.

Thanks for the suggestion John, but that’s not worked. He sent me a Prime invite which in other countries would give me access to his kindle books, but seemingly not France.

All his books are on Kindle France and I can’t see them. I have books before 2013 from the UK site which he CAN see. My titles bought in France from 2013 onwards he can’t see.

Just pirate the books instead :nerd_face: