I know this is not a usual topic, but my Kindle is not charging…having read on blogs how to re-boot it and I have…to no avail. It is only 3 years old and not overly used etc…but has anyone else had this problem…

With several unread books on it it might mean having to buy a new one…help!!

Yes…I have several unread books waiting so need to continue with Amazon really and don’t like reading from my ipad. Many thanks for your input!

That's great news - I've never been that lucky. Kobo has its own bookstore and the readers don't work directly with the Kindle system, although you can use free software to convert the files. If you've got a lot of Kindle material, I doubt it's worth the hassle.


Just to say…having contacted this morning requesting a call-back in 5 minutes…a wonderfully helpfully young woman phoned exactly 5 minutes later and detecting my English accent, offered to speak in perfect English…being Irish!!!
She sorted out the problem (it was the cable) so my Kindle is now charging.
Excellent service from !

Hi Al,
Yes it does have a charging light and have tried connecting with mains and USB link to my laptop but “rien”!!
Sadly think it is the battery as it was slow to “bookmark” etc…yesterday. Think it is my fault for not turning it off enough and leaving it in sleep-mode…unintentially.
I’ll check out Kobo Touch but does it work with Amazon books as well I wonder?

I had a charging problem with my Archos tablet and it turned out to be a faulty micro-USB charging socket. If I wriggled the plug about a bit, the connection was established and the charging light came on until I released pressure on the plug. It turned out to be uneconomical to repair. May be worth looking into this.

Does the Kindle have a charging light to indicate if the connection has been made? Does it fail to charge with both a mains charger and a USB link to a computer? Another possibility is that the battery has given up the ghost. Most likely, you'll have to bite the bullet and get a new one. Incidentally, I'm delighted with my Kobo Touch. Good luck.


Thanks Irene…I’ve done many re-boots and a hard re-boot where I’ve cleared everything and had to re-register wifi and my account …rien!!