King Charles has cancer

News just breaking.

Not using NHS for treatment. I have a family member diagnosed with liver cancer 7 weeks ago and still waiting for NHS to commence treatment.

Thats poor, they are supposed to operate around 14 day segments, must be seen within 2 weeks must be asssed for next step within 2 weeks etc. Is this an area thing?

In your dreams.
BIL was referred by his GP in September last year.
Hospital appointment mid October, biopsy 4 weeks later.
Refered for surgery following results and told operation would be in 3 to 5 months.
Told to keep ringing to check on progress of waiting list.
Obviously blue blooded people get priority :unamused:

We have three good friends locally who’ve been diagnosed with various cancers in the past twelve months, but each person’s treatment has begun within a week of the diagnosis. France is a long way ahead of the UK in this respect, but also in preventive medical analyses. Also, tonight’s R4 news bulletin listed various forms of cancer treatment, but didn’t even mention the new non-chemo immunotherapy treatment that all our friends are currently receiving in Toulouse (major international cancer research centre).

Second point on the subject: Charles was commendably up front (so to speak) on his recent prostate probs. but the Palace is being vague on his cancer, which makes me think it’s one of the more serious ones.


“2 week wait” now a thing of the past - it’s 28 days referral to diagnosis now.


Discovered during his treatment for an enlarged prostate but “not prostate cancer”.


There’s several serious cancers down that way that can remain undetected for a long time. My father died of bowel cancer aged thirty-nine and although I’m nearing twice that age, have always eaten carefully, didn’t live through the Great Depression nor spent WWII in Burma, my French doctor still insists on annual testing.


Widely used in the UK too now, several types of targeted treatment including monoclonal antibodies (ie immunotherapy rather than chemotherapy).


Either way I have a feeling we are not looking at a long reign for Charles.

Thats very sad as its the only good thing Tony Blair achieved.
I would also say that following an observation by a friend who is a clinical oncologist, I was refered and seen within two weeks. Scaned within 2 weeks and have my appointment with the consultant on Friday this week which just falls out of the 2 week timespan.

As he was in for prostate surgery, logically they were in the bowel area so may have found a tumour. Fortunately these are usually slow growing and re section surgery not too bad, obviously depending on the exact position if it is bowel cancer.

Spoke last evening with a good friend in Gerrards Cross. He was diagnosed with various types of cancer. He has, for a few years been seeing oncologists at six monthly periods but hasn’t been able to get a rdv at Oxford hospital for one year. He was recently given a provisional rdv a few days ago for the 24 th July. There aren’t enough doctors to go around.

That is truly shocking Peter. If they cant get treatment in Oxford can they transfer under what was NHS choices to another hospital that can offer treatment? I was fortunate enough to do that as I wanted keyhole surgery which wasnt offered locally. Dont know if your friend has contacted the local MP for action, I had to do that when I needed a blood test and phoned for an appointment and it was a recorded message saying I was 227th in the queue! Contacted my MP and within an hour the hospital phoned me.

I see Rishi is now saying he will have to renage on his pledge to shorten NHS queues, this Government is not fit for purpose, the other parties might be lack lustre but any would be better than these stools.

Hi John, I think he’s resigned to the fact that he has to wait. Even six month wait for an on oncologist is bad so 18 months is a disgrace. He said his GP has been brilliant over the years but even he can’t perform miracles.
Sympathies for Charles III and anyone fighting cancer but the headline here is actually

‘A 75 Year Old Man In The UK Has Cancer’

He, like everyone else had a choice. Either wait for months for an appointment or pay to get quicker service.
This wasn’t how the NHS was planned to be.


Not wanting to go professional on this, but I worked on the first anti-cancer monoclonal in the mid-late 80s (campath 1 was the internal name). These treatments have been around a long time, and can be effective, but they tend to select for resistance in the cancer.

Not just blue blooded people, but if you are going privately it is a question of affording it.
This just doesn’t apply to cancer.
Many people are paying for private hip, knee and cataract operations.
Not the NHS that was intended though,


All the great plan of successive Conservative Governments. Get these scum out of office

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This morning I find myself thinking that it would be better if they just came clean about what cancer he’s got and what treatment he is having.

Thousands of people go through cancer treatment each year - I am sure that many would find comfort in the fact that Charles was going through the same and that it would help them face their own treatment.


Closer to 400,000 per year in the UK alone and Charles does have friends and supportes in many other countries. Maybe the Palace is waiting for DNA test results of his tumour if thats possible.