King Charles III

Exactly the point of my initial comment.

The “optics” of the two accessions in a very short space of time rather emphasises how out-moded the UK system is.

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Give it a rest please


And at no point have I said that she was not.

This is not about the death of a very elderly & greatly respected public figure - that is a separate issue.

This topic is entitled “King Charles III”.


Yes, but kind of got off topic didn’t it with comments above?? Just leave it alone for a bit eh? Best we have time to reflect on the death of our beloved monarch without this

I’m afraid I agree with Badger - we need to ask whether the monarchy is fit for the 21st century and now, at the point of sucession, is as good a time as any.

It is, of course, enormously sad for her immediate family, and I am sure Charles will want time to mourn his mother before deciding how he wants to reign as king - but, as far as I am concerned, she was a 96 year old lady that I did not know personally. I feel no more need to mourn her passing than any of the other people that I don’t know who passed away yesterday.


“this” is, in fact, reflecting on how we feel the monarchy should develop after the death of Elizabeth.


Just STOP and give a time of mourning please

You mourn in your way, I’ll mourn in mine and in the meantime if I wish to discuss the role of monarchy in the 21st century, I will. You don’t have to join in if you don’t want.


stop, this is not the time to discuss this

That’s not for you to decide.


nor you, i think most people on here would not want this
stop please

Go to the bottom of the page and you will see

Click on the down arrow against Watching" and select

As in other threads recently, the attempt to ‘shout down’ others’ perspectives has diverted what might have been an interesting conversation into the ever contentious free speech vs. authoritarianism cul-de-sac.


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@anon27944729 there is a useful mute button… (which I use when I feel the need).
You can mute a person… and… or a topic… just decide what works best for you.

arguing back and forth is not very productive… but it’s something any of us can get entangled with… and one needs to take a deep breath… and step back.

You’re a newcomer here, which is why I’m offering my friendly advice.


I don’t remember the vote which appointed you spokesperson for what “most people” on SF do, or do not wish to discuss.

My own view is that we desperately need parliamentary reform. Aguably as most people seem to behave as though we had a presidential system we should have a discussion as to whether we want to move that way officially. We certainly need reform of the upper house which is not fit for purpose - and even less so once Johnson stuffs it with his cronies.

We need an elected upper chamber, in moving to that I don’t see a role for the monarch as its notional head.

I have no objection to having a Royal family - but more in the mould of the other European royal families - not directly involved in the government of their respective countries.


Stifling a discussion about an undemocratic system is surely, errr, undemocratic.

To repeat, this is not a discussion about the now deceased monarch, nor is it intended to rain on the parade of those who want to grieve as if they’ve lost one of their close relations, however illogical that is to me.


Do you live in france or UK?

it’s about respecting the death of a monarch

And costing a lot less.