Kitchen worktops

Has anyone any advice or information about the best place to buy granite or marble kitchen worktops in SW France. I think someone mentioned try funeral shops as they might be cheaper for granite, but looking for advice as I do not want to pay through the nose because I’m a foreigner!

yes, funeral stone shops are less expensive, but do not have the variety. Mostly the basic black or salt & pepper variety from China.

We ended up with this guy, Marbrerie du Sud Ouest , 30 Rue des Charmes, 16340 Champniers. We are a bit spoiled by American customer service, but once you get over that, he is doing a great job. Prices are about double from what we pay here in California.

Hi Allison

I worked for Mobalpa when I was at a loose end. didn't stay long but I can remember the granite supplier was CBU. Give them a try. The one we used was near Villefranche de Rouergue.

Z.A. de Marcouly