Kittens looking for a home

Hi all,

It's the usual story,feral cat has had kittens in the barn and we desperately need homes for them.

We are keeping the mum and we want to get her sterilised asap,the kittens are know 6/7 weeks old and gorgeous.

We have socialised mum and babies from the word go,and they are getting quite brave around our newfoundland!

Two boys,one is tabby grey and cream,the other is a pure grey,the girl (my fav) is long haired tortoiseshell.

As I mentioned we are keeping the mum, but we have 3 already and I think our dogs will pack up and leave !!

Any advice or if someone is looking for a kitten please get in touch. 0663096609

Thats a good idea! Thanks Lynn

I had better go now and feed the brood.


Sounds like you have done the very best Paula, hope you can find lovely family for these.

Just another 'tip', ask potential adopters for a justificatif de domicile and idenity card, and make either a copy or a note of them - you never know!

Best wishes

The mum took roughly 8 months and asking all around our hamlet.She still doesn't trust the dogs but the kittens are brilliant! As for the microchipping that had already been discussed with our vet.Thats why I put that kittens are 6/7 weeks and that I Need to get her to our vet asap as she is already seperating from the kittens.



The identification is key too Paula, you can receive up to 750€ fine if not done, but more importantly it may save their lives in the future.

If you managed to 'tame' the mum, most liklet she wasn't feral to start with but perhaps another abandonned cat?

best of luck

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for heads up but as I said in my post cats have been socialised from the beginning with dogs children and family.And I would not let the kittens go before eight weeks as I am aware that taking away from their mother can be detrimental to their health and behaviour.



Hi Paula,

wishing you the best of luck and just want to point out some legalities.

In France it is illegal to place a kitten before 8 weeks of age and it is OBLIGATORY for it to be microchipped. Have a look at the advice here

Mum can and should be neutered now and the kittens too from 8 weeks of age. If they are not socialised and used to humans by now, they will stay semi-feral and would be best placed, sterilsied, in a farm/barn situation. Cats will start to reproduce from around 4 months of age.

Microchipping cats around 50€ each but negotiate with your vet and ask for this amount to be reimbursed by new owners. this makes them aware that there are costs associated with having an animal, and your have done the best for them.