Kittens need homes

With a local charity "L'Ecole des Chats", we catch and neuter stray cats in our street (there are about 10). We take them to the vet, go back and forth as required and keep them in our back kitchen for the convalescence time and then let them out again.

They are wild and can't be touched and don't want to stay.

However, we caught one little lady and that same night she gave birth to 5 kittens. They have been with us since. Obviously we have handled them and they are normal cute little bundles of fun.

Two have found happy homes and we still have three males; two "Félix" and one "Tigré".

Does anyone from the Montpellier area want to adopt?

They come wormed and flead. The charity also takes care of the neutering when they are 6 months old.

Just in case you ask why I don't keep them, My GF already has four cats (all strays) and I have two dogs. Since the mum cat has been in the back kitchen for so long, she will probably hang around as well.

I can send photos as required.

Thank you both Helen and Simon.

Sorry Tobias - already have 8 animals dumped by cretins (our gain their loss) - expecting more this Summer!

However I did see this ad in the paper on Friday which may help:

Tobias maybe you could ask the charity Les Amies Des Animaux France to help publicise the kitttens? They are based in Lizant , dept 87 but help animals all over France.

The website isn't running yet but they do have a fb page

Sadly even giving kittens away is nigh on impossible as there are so many, I'd take one but a) I'm up in Normandy and b) already at my limit with 4 rescues, one of which reccently had kittens. Les Amies are helping me with the cost of spaying and chipping them all

No one wants a kitten ? really ? I don't mind droping him off anywhere in the 34/30