Kitty contraception

Hello everyone,

My ‘kitten’ has just had 4 kittens! I hadn’t had her done yet as I thought she was much younger than she is and hasn’t gone outside yet. I have two adult males, one is castrated the other not!

How soon can I give her the contraceptive pill? Do I have to wait until the kittens are weaned? We think we have found homes for the babies (now one week old, so cute) but I don’t want her to have any more and I can’t afford to have her sterilized at the moment.

Any advice please?


I have to say I agree with Lynn - apart from anything, I would never have been able to remember to administer the pill. Failed dismally myself…hence my three (kids) !!

Please, please don’t give her the pill

Contraceptive pills for cats are so risky - not 100% efficient and if used long term are known to induce cancer and diabetes. It is also more expensive long term than just getting the cat neutered.

Please get your cats neutered(including the unneutered tom)- this can be done for the mother once the kittens are weaned, about 6/7 weeks old, and for the tom straight away!
If you ask your vet they will normally accept payment over a couple of months, but it is false ecomony to leave her as, in a few weeks time she will be on heat again and eventually you’ll end up so overrun with cats that you can’t afford to neuter or maybe even feed.