Knitting (& Sewing) for Charity

I belong to a knitting & sewing group in the Charente where a couple of ladies in the village give up their time to teach us knitting, sewing & crochet. We've to think about projects for the Rentrée in September and I was wondering if you know any organisations in France that co-ordinate knitting for charity projects such as the "Fish & Chips" babies in Africa. Do any of the wool companies (Bergere de France etc) co-ordinate such charity projects?

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There is also a group run by Phildar for knitting for babies when their mums are in prison with them, here in France.

They seem to be very simple patterns but I do not know whether you are tied in to using Phildar wool.

The Ravelry link is great as you can do things like knitting squares for blankets for American Indian Reserves and so on - all sorts of things. Postage is the nightmare though so I think you might need to find out if La Poste has a special price for charity postage etc.,

Many thanks for your replies - the club/classes start again quite soon and I'm sure the teacher will know of something. I was just wanting to give her a few examples so thanks for the Ravelry link - I'll have a look at that. On Knitspirit yesterday there was an article about knitting winter scarves for the homeless - I think it is organised via the Red Cross in France and there is an active Red Cross near us.

Had a quick look on RAVELRY, and there are at least 30 French groups on there. Plenty of places to ask questions for information - best of luck

I recall that there is a French knitting group on RAVELRY.

Worth a look??

I wonder if the local wool/ haberdashery shops may have some info??

Where are you, exactly? I live in Angoulême. I’ve been wondering whether our local hospital would welcome premature baby hats. I need to ask my doctor next time I see her.