Knock on effects

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Another good reason for me to move over to France as soon as possible…

They are mounting up!

We have local foie gras producers… the product is delicious and the “method” is nothing like as described in the Press…

Fair enough, it should be eaten “in moderation”…

You get over here asap Carl… :relaxed:

Don’t know what all the fuss is about over foie gras, overhyped and overpriced IMO. Much prefer a decent Mousse de canard.

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We all like different things…

I, too, appreciate a good Mousse de Canard …

There is so much selection of delicious food and drink… almost spoiled for choice…:relaxed:

All the more for us.

I wonder what percentage of the geese or ducks are kept in cages like those shown in the article. Can foie gras really be produced without the animals suffering - on top of the confinement?
I think I will have to keep my thoughts to myself if we move to France.

I love foie gras. It is probably my favourite food.

But I intend to try to visit a farm - when that is possible - to assure myself that it’s not cruel.

I agree we must be careful not to anthropomorphise, but I believe we must also (as good stewards of our world) ensure we do not abuse them.