Know a good photo editor?

In search for other things I’ve just found a photo of my mum and me from a birthday party we had for her a few years before she died.

Much tho’ I adore other members of my family it would be quite nice to edit this to remove them - especially backs of their necks, and sideways expressions.

Does anyone know a good photo editor? I used one a while back that buffed everybody up so much they didn’t look like real people! So just want some of background removed.

In France so can pay in euros rather than messing about with UK based businesses.

You can download a free trial of many of the photo editors, or use something like GIMP clone-stamp tool which is very good.

On1 Photoraw has some reasonably good image development and editing tools, free 30 day trial that’s unlimited AFAIK. There’s always Adobe suite, but no idea if that’s available as a free download (I’m still on Lightroom 6, 5 years out of date).

I wish you spoke English (or French…) rather that weird words that mean little to a technophobe…


Do you want to do it yourself? Or get someone else to do it for you?

Ah yes, but one also has to learn to use them!

Scary to think that I’ve been using Photoshop for about thirty years, and in that time have also managed to forget most of what I knew about analogue photography and reprographics - it’s over half a century since I made my first lithograph.

Re @JaneJones request, whether or not one can achieve an acceptable result greatly depends on the size and technical quality of the original photo.

These days I tend to go for the easy option and get someone else rather than breaking my head trying to get to grips with a computer programme… gone are the days where I insisted on doing everything myself.

It’s a snap, not not great as a photo. But it’s the memory since I have few photos of me and my mum as an adult. (Especially one with a bottle of chateau Musar in it :rofl:)

And loads online for not very much but last time I tried that the result was not good.

An iPhone ill do it.

If you don’t have an iPhone you could always send the photo to me and I’ll try and do it on mine.

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I’ ve just lost it again!

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Do I know that feeling :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


bonjour Jane.
My husband Mark is an ace photo editor.
You can contact him here Photograph France - Contact Form

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Thanks Pamela, another member has offered!

Just to update. Another win for SF. Ancient Mariner has turned the old snap into a lovely memory. It was my mum’s 90th birthday lunch and the last time she came to London by herself, before she turned into an old lady.


Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop package at around 11,99 €/mois. Excellent but there’s a learning curve !
or maybe this… ? available on as a download.
Corel PaintShop Pro 2023 | Powerful Photo Editing & Graphic Design Software

Affinity Photo is a wannabe Photoshop but at a fraction of the price. You can try it free for 30 days.

There are only so many learning curves I can manoeuvre. And arthritic hands and photoshop I think possibly not a great combination…

My pleasure. :smiley:

I did this in On1 photoraw simply because I have it and am more familiar, but could equally have used GIMP or Photoshop, using a clone-stamp tool to add parts of the background over sections to be removed, then a healing brush where some of the edges were a bit too defined. It’s very useful if you like a bit of space to yourself and the beach is crowded:

by Toni Ertl, on Flickr