Kohinoor Asian Foods

Thanks - I’ll amend my earlier post. I haven’t used them for quite a while so I’m grateful for the update.

After my experiences finding the shops in Toulouse, I would recommend looking on Google maps (or your equivalent) and search for indian supermarkets around you. I couldn’t find any nearby directly on the internet, but searching Google maps after I found one in Toulouse by accident revealed another two. Not sure why a general search didn’t find any.

What happened with Pankaj Boutique was that the range of spices they sold suddenly contracted enormously and I couldn’t buy half of the Indian spices I required. It could just have been a difficulty sourcing product during the Covid era, and I’m not sure if that has now changed, but if it has then I would still recommend them.

So we’re the delivery problems with Pankaj or Annachi?

Delivery problems were with Annachi. It was something specific with UPS, and probably not the fault of Annachi at all, but if UPS would only deliver to somewhere an hours drive away, that’s no good to me. Strangely I’ve had UPS deliver to the house many times from other online retailers without issue.

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Info from Kohinoor - No stockists in France

Where is your “local” restaurant?

It’s in Carcassonne. Not really too local, but It’s the nearest and less than 20km away.

For those of you that live anywhere near Bordeaux, or visit tere, there are two Indian supermarkets there close to each other.