Kohinoor Asian Foods


Does anyone know if you can get Kohinoor Asian Foods in France. I think they are new in the UK. In my opinion they are miles better than Sharwoods or Pataks.



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There is an info email address on thier website. Why not send them a message asking where to buy in France ? They will probably know. Myself, I haven’t seen them over here.

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I checked about delivery here.

Didn’t think to ask them for a stockist!

Asian food is bad here, no good taste, not good quality, I lives in Paris, there’s no match to what you get in UK. I know few guys, who go to UK for food.


I haven’t seen them here in France. The shops I use stock a brand (amongst others) called Ashoka - all the items are authentic and manufactured in India - both frozen as well tinned, etc.

From experience Indian/Pakistan food can be far better in the UK than in either country :slightly_smiling_face:


Kohinoor is a very old brand actually, in Indian shops in UK for yonks.

A newish owner of Indian takeout business in Dordogne revommended a French source of spices on here about 1 or 2 years ago - if you do a search on Indian or Friday with takeout order preorder takeaway etc the posts will probably come up. Internal or external Google site search.

In past few days mesepices.com was also (re)recommended as a good generic spice supplier by drmark on here too - they may have what you need.

I think hairbear or Griffin36 also mentioned 3 good Indian shops all next to each other he’d found in Toulouse about 2 days ago.

I have used them for a long time also and have found then very good, and very fast. I will say however that they recently increased prices on some things pretty dramatically, like doubling them or more, which gave me cause to send them a (very friendly) email saying that they’d basically priced me out of being a customer. The response which I later discovered was the owner was very good, the usual (no doubt true) flannel about their increased costs forcing them to increase prices, especially as a lot of their things are actually sourced from UK distributors since the ‘world foods’ market is much more developed than in France/ Europe, but he’d look into it and check, and low and behold replied that an error had been made and the increase should have been 15% not a doubling. I truly want to take him at his word but either that was flannel to placate a complaining regular customer, or their quality control on their processes is dire as things like that shouldn’t happen. Also no mention about refunding or crediting me for the fact that I paid 25€ for items he said should have been 15€ or something. So a bit of a mixed bag and I’m not sure whether I’m as positive to them as I previously was.


Hahaha :blush::blush:

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I bookmarked it, and think it was Pankaj Boutique:

Edited to add: Hairbear reports that it might not hold such an extensive range now but the problems may have been Covid-related. Check they have the goods in stock before placing a substantial order!

It’s because they cook it for French people who don’t like spicy food. It makes a difference if you explain to them that you don’t want it cooked the French way, but the Indian way, “bien épicé”. The cooks usually come from the region and will understand what you mean.

We had a great Indian meal in Rome recently, and we have a restaurant in Bayonne run by Bangladeshis who know how we like it

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I’ve had a bit of a mixed bag with Indian food in France. I got takeout from one in Saint-Germain-en-Laye and, while I was waiting, the kitchen door swung open to reveal a row of huge Pataks jars.

Another was in Bordeaux when the waiter asked if I wanted it hot. It was France so I said “of course”. My eyes were streaming with the heat :fire::fire::fire:


I can recommend the Jardin de Kashmir in Angoulême. We ate there in 2019 when at the circuit. It was the first decent Indian resto I’d found in France, ever. On the way home (via Bordeaux airport to drop my wife off for a flight to see her Dad) I overnighted in Rodez, an unremarkable little spot I thought, until I discovered another branch of Jardin de Kashmir there. It wasn’t as good as the Angoulême resto, but not too bad at all :slightly_smiling_face:

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I can second John’s recommendation.
I’ve eaten there many times.
Food and service is good and reasonably priced.
Unfortunately its the only decent Indian restaurant I’ve found in France.


I agree :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s another in Bergerac.

Thank you all.

I’ve emailed to usual Brit food suppliers but I’m not hopeful. Lots of good resto suggestions here. I’ll add the Shalimar in La Rochelle, it’s OK but not truly great in my mind. Interesting it has a lot of young French customers.

Looks like I wait for our next trip back!

Can’t remember the posters name now, but the online store he recommended was

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That was the one I recommended all that time ago. They went downhill somewhat and so I tried Annachi. Had issues with them due to the fact they said that UPS would not deliver to my address as I live in a mountainous are :mountain: :confused: . I don’t, but I was told they would only deliver to the local depot in Carcassonne. Fine I thought, that’s OK, except they sent it to Narbonne and wouldn’t send it any further. Two hour round trip to collect. Never used them again.

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Absolutely. My local ‘Indian’ restaurant is run be a really nice 79 year old from Pakistan, on his own. He will adjust the spicing to your taste, and now when we go in, he doesn’t need to ask.