Korean courtesies on display

I was very pleased to see the two Korean leaders at their meeting at the border of North and South, and to watch the warmth and simplicity that characterised their mutual greetings: their body language was impressively innocent of all artifice, pomposity, or power-display, and they greeted each other like brothers, with genuine affection and no jostling for dominance over the other.

Surely something worthwhile will emerge if these two are not ‘got at’ by the so-called global superpowers whose murky machinations set the people of North and South against each other in the 1950s (I narrowly escaped conscription as a National Serviceman in the Korean conflict at that time). Yes, another poisonous dose of Yankee imperialism against the Yellow Peril… :frowning:

We can live in hope… (well, I intend to :relaxed: )

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Good job Donald!

Perhaps SFN could join the throngs who are queuing up to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize, which he clearly covets, thinks he deserves, and will even the score with Obama.

Of course it will need to be demonstrably bigger and more beautiful than the wretched Obama’s.

Hé may also delude himself that a Nobel Peace Prize will be a Get Out Of Jail Free card for when Mueller lines up all the ducks in the Collusion Saga. Having a Knighthood didn’t save Jimmy Saville’s mucky reputation, so I doubt there’s going to be any accolade that’s going to deodorise the Donald’s when the dung hits the proverbial. It can’t be far off now, can it?