Kubota ride on lawn mower wont start

Despite being a small engine, they take quite a kick to get them going.
I’d rather invest in regular maintenance than replace our old girl. It’s a good solid machine (not like the newer plastic types) but unfortunately @John_Scully there’s no turbo option :slightly_frowning_face:

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dried wet grass on a safety switch is my bet. WD40 often helps.

Do you know I think that maybe the problem. Let’s see what happens. Will keep you updated. Thank you for your messages. Was a pleasure talking to you.

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I know Sue. That’s what we intend to do. We’ve been here 4 months now and think it’s time we bought one. Thank you for taking the time to write.
Kind regards

Definitely not a Kubota Graham.

Graham where would the safety switch be?

Yes will have to do that. Think I have a machine to do that hopefully.

which one? there are many of them.
The seat, the brakes (both handbrake and footbrake IIRC) the power take off for the deck… the list goes on…
The most likely is below the footplate on the right where the brakes are…

There are more references like this on the web… Tractor or grass cutter, they all seem to have a similar arrangement. What model is yours?

Thank you this Graham. Really appreciated. Will send you the model number tomorrow when I go to the house. Your hell is greatly appreciated.

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@Graham_Lees - this made me chuckle!

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I second this.

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That sounds as if it could be an earthing problem.

Apologies. Its fat fingers on a small keyboard and a 2.5-year-old vying for my attention!


Thank you very much. Will definitely give it a shot!

Thanks for your message John. Ours has a brake which needs to be pressed half way done, as it doesn’t have a clutch. Good shout on the earthing issue. Will give it a shot

Ruddy security features that no one tells you about when you buy it…
clutch pedal
seat sensor
air intake valve
cutter drive belt tension spring
hydraulic drive
switch contacts !

and all to stop dozy yanks from hurting themselves and Kubota’s pockets in law suits :roll_eyes:


I know. I have a lot to investigate here. As Ij ow it works but why it disnt start last time round is a mystery but will crack it. Thank you for your email

Yes, I got quite confused as to why the engine cut out on mine when I tried to engage the blade after replacing the drive belt, thinking I’d goofed and it was being mechanically stalled somehow. Took me a while to realise the grass box has to be on…

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@Graham_Lees >> Kubota is Japanese origin.