Kubota ride on lawn mower wont start

Wr bought our house in October last year in 33220 Saint-Avit-Saint-Nazaire and the vendor sold us his ride on lawn mower. Which at the time he showed us how to use and was working. We’ve just tried to start it and wont start even after trying the jump leads and charging the battery. Is there a mobile lawnmower service that could help us get it going?

These people might be useful

Particularly Rullier

Thank you very much. Will contact them.

Remove and clean the spark plug, check the air filter is clean & not blocked, put fresh gas in the tank, ideally discarding whatever was in there, check whether you have the sort of carburettor which has a little reservoir to fill by pumping.

That usually gets mine going.

This will sound dumb - but you are starting it properly aren’t you? Does it turn over and not fire - or just nothing…

They have some odd habits depending on model - on mine you have to depress the clutch - but only halfway… doesn’t tell you that in the manual on mine either … neighbour thought I was an idiot when he started it first time.

If you left old fuel in that can bung them up - drain and try fresh fuel.

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We use a local garden equipment supplier to regularly service our Kubota GT1700 but any tractor service shop should be able to help.
The Kubota, being an American brand, is a bleeding nightmare. There are so many safety devices on it (to stop stupid Americans from injuring themselves) that it can become a pain in the neck.
I’d start with the seat. Make sure it’s down and exercise it by sitting on it and getting up off it. Then turn your attention to the handbrake/footbrake. Again, exercise the brakes a few times and make sure the handbrake is ON and locked in position before attempting to start it. If that doesn’t do it, then turn your attention to the engine compartment. Look for the speed control plate. This is the stop device which swings round and sometime sticks. Free it if stuck. (note that our model is an old diesel so may be different for petrol). Make sure all controls are in the neutral sense before attempting to start.
Our last starting problem came from the ignition switch barrel which our local people changed but was found to be loose (and so therefore maybe not making good contact).
I can scan in the exploded view of the speed control plate from our parts list/service manual but not worth doing if the models are incompatible.
Have you tried jump starting it? Does the engine turn over and make any attempt to start?

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I know it sounds silly, but also make sure the deck is not engaged.

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It is outside my Department (50) and expertise, but there are LOTS of small lawnmower servicing people around us so should be everywhere I would have thought :thinking: We use one just down the road and they are excellent.

I suggest looking for “motoculture” in the pages jaunes or local paper

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Thanks for your response Graham. On Thursday we put new fuel in and jump started it. And it worked for around 1.5 hours. Then Friday morning we started it again and it started in it’s own. We then put it on charge. This morning it is an absolute non goer.

Thank you Angela will do if I cant get this thing working.

Thanks for your response Chris. The damn thing started on it’s own on Friday after we changed the fuel and jumped started it the day before. Then put it on charge Friday after finished. This morning it seemed odd but the charger which was showing 4 was down to 2.5 for some reason and the engine just doesnt turn. Dead that’s what it is!

Thanks Paul for your response. Worked and started by itself on Friday after we changed the fuel and jump started it on Thursday. And today the engine just doesnt turn. Even though we put the battery on charge on Friday after we finished.

I recall doing similar in the past including starting it with the battery charger still on with fast charge then disconnecting the charger. The only solution to that issue was to replace the battery.
I assume from what you say, it’s a diesel model.

They look nice. Our patch is in restanques so I can’t really justify one but they look like a lot of fun. Is there a turbo option :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Local racing club perhaps?

When you say “the engine just doesn’t turn” do you mean you turn the ignition key and nothing happens?

If so it sounds like an electrical problem, or safety cut-out issue.

Yes it is diesel. The funny thing is the previous owner said he had changed the battery and he was using it when we arrived to take over the property.

Lawn mower service shops will come out and collect, if it’s not too far, but they will also charge you. One of the most useful things you can buy is a trailer / remorque (if you don’t already have one) large enough to take your mower. You’ll be amazed how useful it is and how much money it saves you in delivery / collection charges / trips to the dechetterie / collection of building materials / logs in winter / etc /etc

Winter does bad things to batteries…
We bought a non Kubota battery which didn’t last long at all. We now have a Kubota branded one and it’s going strong after a couple of years. Expensive though…

Ah, OK, no spark plug to check then.

Do you have any way of checking the battery voltage?

Yes that’s right. Nothing happens. Could be a safety cut out. But what could have changed since Friday though I wonder.