La chasse!


(Catharine Higginson) #1

I had a knock at the door this week. It was the president of the local hunt who had come round to warn me that this Sunday, they are doing a big hunt and that it will be next to our land and as he knows I have horses he thought I’d want to know. He was incredibly apologetic and explained that whilst he would be stationing two hunters at the bottom of our garden, there was no need to worry as they were two of the best and he “had complete confidence in them” - slightly worrying in terms of the rest of them!!
He told me that since the recent spate of people being shot whilst hanging out their washing etc he now needed to go round and speak to everyone, thank me profusely for my understanding and toddled off.
I will be keeping cats, dog and horse inside and am now looking forward to the sound of baying dogs early on Sunday morning - not!
I’ll let you know how this pans out!

(stella wood) #2

Did he say what species they were actually hunting ??? Hope all goes well…chez Higginson

(Catharine Higginson) #3

Thanks! Deer because they are proliferating (absolutely true ) and damaging the vines which are next door.

(stella wood) #4

I thought there were even more around than usual… and we do get a lot !!!

So, it needs to be done… and I am glad the Chasse are acting responsibly with regard to their/your security… during this culling…

Notices are always posted at the Mairie… but folk rarely read them… a personal visit to warn folk who live nearby… is a great idea.

(David Martin) #5

When I drove down the N10 on Wednesday I saw a large number of deer in the field, most were standing but several were lying down. I’ve never seen that many together in the wild.

(Brian Swift) #6

Hunting is part of country life here, the season started earlier than usual in a lot of areas because there were a lot more boar around damaging crops and farmers were pushing for it.

(Robert Hodge) #7

I may be wrong here, but I think that there may be a rule that is supposed to prevent the discharge of firearms within 200 metres of the edge of the approved hunting area in order to create a safety zone.

(Jane Williamson) #8

We have only a few deer and no vines.
I have just reserved two kilos of boudins from our chasse.

(Jane Williamson) #9

There has just been a huge commotion round here.
A neighbour has seen a sanglier and they have been after it this afternoon.
They must have seen it because there was firing and lots of dogs barking and bells as per usual.