La Loi Chatel - Mobile Phone Contracts

Is there anyone out there who can shed some light on how the law affects early termination of a mobile phone contract.

I have 2 x 24 month contracts for each of my children, but since I took these out, companies such as Free and Sosh offer monthly contracts that give more for less (a lot !). I have 9 months left on one contract and 11 months on the other.

Can I terminate the contracts by paying 25% of the outstanding ?

Thanks for any insight.

Thanks Ben and for the info about the portability of the phone number.

The "Loi Chatel 2" specifies that you can terminate these two contracts early. You have been using their services for at least 12 months and the contracts have been signed after June 1st 2008 (I guess :-))

The maximum fine the company can charge you is 25% of the contractual cost normally payed when you stick with them. You need to end the contract by "Lettre recommandée avec accusé de reception" and there is a 10 day delay starting when the phone company receives the letter.

Important to know is that when you do it this way you will not be able to take your current phone numbers to the next phone company of your choice. If you let the new company handle the termination (which doesn't change the above rules) you should normally be able to keep your phone numbers.