La loi Warsmann

The other day the guy from SAUR came to read our meter and said we must have a leak as we have used 250 cu metres of water compared to 70 last year, The plumber found the leak which was a washer on the pipe under the bath behind the tiles (big mess) and the water had been leaking down into the earth and we had no idea this was happening.

Today we got a letter from SAUR mentioning the Law Warsmann which came to fruition July 2013 which implies that if we get an attestation from the plumber, plus his bills etc and proof that the leak has been sorted, we might get some reduction but it’s a bit ambiguous. It says it is protection for,the customer in this situation…nous vous rappelons que ce dispositif concerned unique meant les locaux d,habitation et que sont excludes les frites dues a des appareils menagers et des equipment sanitaires ou de chauffage.

If anyone has had experience of this, please comment. Thank you

Thank you…will let you know what happens

Here's a pdf that sums it up provided by Veolia

This link does mention the limitation you mention, Annette, but my reading of it is that if the link is in your washing machine, central heating boiler or dishwasher then you have to pay. Doesn't seem to apply to the pipe leading to the machine and therefore not to the pipe leading to your bath. I'd just send them the proof of repair as required and claim the right to pay only twice your average annual bill and see what they say.

Look at this, Annette. I see no reference to limitations on where the leak is. You just have to get it repaired as soon as they notify you of the problem and send them the proof that it's been repaired within one month of them sending you the letter. You then only have to pay a maximum of twice your normal consumption. I'll see if I can find something more detailed.

Fuites…leaks not chips!!!