La Morisma... Ainsa... The Reconquest... Street Theatre

The reconquest is dated at 724. According to the legend of San Juan de la Peña, García Jiménez was appointed as the first king of Sobrarbe, and he decided to attack the Muslims in L'Ainsa. García and his 300 warriors took by surprise La Aínsa, taking advantage of the night and telling his warriors that the Divine Providence was on their side, since he had seen a cross on a holy oak. Finally, Ainsa was declared capital of the Kingdom of Sobrarbe, and its coat of arms shows a red cross on a holy oak, later being this symbol also included in the coat of arms of Aragón.

This was the icing on the cake so to speak, after my fabulous birthday treat on Saturday, we watched this street theatre from our balcony on the Sunday afternoon. This is to commemorate the Reconquest of Ainsa, a street play with the theme of Moors & Christians was staged and called "La Morisma" (the moorish).