La pénurie de moutarde!

Really? I read it no problems but I have some not Google android that I don’t really understand but DH does and installed and seems to make life easier!

No idea how… but seems I’ve reached my limit of free articles… :rofl: :wink: :roll_eyes:

The standard form of the Chicago hot dog is available at stands all over town and binds the city together.pdf (726.9 KB)

Just got some Amazon spam with mustard at an eye-watering price:-

Maille Moutarde Motif imprimé 215 g : Epicerie

Last weekend our Dutch mustard runners brought us three jars of the above at €2.90 each!

I didn’t know Amazon shipped spam. Or indeed that it came with mustard. :grinning:


You can get spam and corned beef in Eurasie (and other Asian super/hyper markets too).

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I have not found a French supermarket that does not sell Corned beef.

There are a few differences between Amazon spam and Spam (an acronym for Special Processed American Meat).

A simple pun is in danger of turning what was a thread on mustard shortages into one on tinned and disgusting, industrially processed meat.

Something similar happened when I posted on England women’s football success - hopefully this one won’t be quite so controversial and I won’t ‘spoilt’ the thread again.

If this Spamwise trend continues, I just hope it will avoid references to Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

There was none in Carrefour Aubusson today, mind you there were a lot of other empty spaces too.

Pour changer un peu from The Guardian