La post internet banking

Has anyone experience of the Internet system is or do you use The local La Postoffice system? What charges have you experienced, just had my local bank charge for year €149 always in credit and very little interest on my deposit a/c French rate now 2.52%

Thank you.

I bank with La Poste - only because I wanted to open a bank account at short notice, whilst I was still living in the UK and briefly popping over to see the in-laws one weekend. La Poste were the only ones who could accommodate me… I think I now understand why, unlike the other banks, they had appointments available that fateful Saturday morning :grin:

I’ve just checked and my fees for last year were €111 for a current account plus a carte Visa Première and some insurance. I also paid another €50-something euros for the 32 times I used my French card abroad. Total cost approx €165.

I really should switch banks cause the service with La Poste is awful.

We have had an account with them for years and found them the most convenient and easy to use bank. Compared to UK banks they are a little slow to set up a transfer recipient but once done it is very easy.

Charges for a year, including a debit card, around €80 and we have two tax free savings accounts (LEPs) which can be opened with a limit of about €8,000 I think. My wife’s statement for last year just arrived with the interest added of about 3.11%. Mine will be similar in the next few days. :smiley:

Edit: Just read @Gareth’s post with an experience directly opposite to our own. So, you pays your money and takes your choice. :wink: :grinning:

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Yes, from speaking to others I think I’m just particularly unlucky where we live in that they’re unhelpful and inefficient. Perhaps more to do with the staff themselves than where they work. Glad you get better service than me :slightly_smiling_face:

Been with La Banque Postale for 16 years, their charges are competitive with the ‘normal’ banks. Their online portal is easy to use and very easy to check up on your accounts and set up transfers and more.
Highly recommend them, although the online only banks have lower fees.

Have you been given a breakdown of this? Seems a little high, so maybe they ate charging for something you don’t actually use.

Thank you for your comments so far. Yes I have a statement. I asked about the internet as apposed to visiting physically as in a wheelchair it is difficult to travel. And taxis are not cheap.

Again thank you. La Poste it will be.

Boursarama may be worth a look. Online only - free with some conditions for the basic account.

Although they do appear to have cheque books printed off world given the time it takes. But cards - account transfers are all quick and painless

I understand what you mean about wheelchairs, my wife is effectively housebound in one, but if it is just the distance you are worried about, remember that La Poste has agences that are attached to Mairies in the smallest of villages (ours has just the bar which is only open some evenings and the Poste Office, nothing else) where money can be deposited and withdrawn as well as postal services. Oh, and open 6 half days a week, not many banks can manage that, maybe none.

Sadly ours is up some steps but the little lady in there (this is not patronising, she is certainly a lady and very little) is so obliging that she would come down to my wife if she ever went there, she is always asking after her from when she wasn’t wheelchair bound. :grinning: