La Poste update – 3 day working week for postal workers from March 30th

Good to see France looking after our postal workers. Understandably there will be more delays.
La poste is under a lot of pressure and strain prioritising all essential deliveries at the moment and I for one appreciate all their hard work and effort.


Sensible, keeps a service going and minimises risk to workers.

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OMG, another loss. I feel for the postmen though they don’t have to get face to face except for registered stuff. I am fearful for hospital staff worldwide. All overworked and underpaid all around the world and worst in Third World Developing countries. No more post 4 days a week. Just have to live with it. As long as they don’t close internet!!

La Poste’s response to La Peste!
Rarely a hardship to wait an extra day for a letter - or a bill. . . . . .
And, what a relief, no more supermarket flyers to go straight into recycling.

You can always opt for Pas de Pub.

True, but accepting that junk helps to subsidise the postal service.
When we lived in the Champagne region, they all had a short length of plastic drainpipe hung beneath their letterboxes, labelled Publicité. Saved important stuff getting trashed by mistake.

It is useful for lighting the fire!

Alternative to toilet rolls - going to have to learn to be resourceful!

Why don’t you have a pas de pub sticker on your mailbox?

Because La Poste makes money from delivering all that rubbish and we think it is a good thing for commercial enterprises to subsidise the service.
But I have to declare an interest - a family member is a postman.

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Fairy snuff, good for lighting the fire anyway!

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