La prochaine etape....or...Oh B*gger, what do I do now? Original post from 2013. I haven't lost my job!

I was thinking the other day about when it all started to go wrong...when did my life choices mean that the path I was on went skewiff...

Up until the 23rd December 2011 and since the age of 17, I had not gone more than 2 weeks without one or several jobs. In the last 21 months I have worked the grand total of 6 months. 4 last year and 2 this year!!

Despite applying for every job I know I am capable of doing, (not to mention those that I don't even know that I can), I have yet to be somebody's pick of the crop...

The French quite often call me in out of curiosity due to my name and the interview always goes really well but....I never seem to quite fit the bill.

So, my next step.....going back to the UK is not an option and neither is moving to Canada as it is too far away from my family in the UK and all my friends.

Therefore I have decided that I need to reinvent myself...Jack(a/ess) of all trades needs to become master of something and I'm not just talking about Reiki!

Whilst on my hunt for a stimulating work environment and a regular wage, I have completed and passed my Advanced TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course.

I am a qualified Reiki practitioner. I do Hopi Ear candling and emotional therapy.

I am also a 1st Class Administrator (10+ years of experience don't you know) in the automobile, export and perfume industry.

I'm signed up with the local Commissariat as an Interpreter, but have only been called in once, as it would seem the anglophones that come to Lourdes don't have any problems requiring police intervention and/or are extremely well behaved, (either that or they don't get caught doing anything wrong!)

My next step is to get signed up with the Tribunal in Pau.

I've widened my search to the mountains and neighbouring departments but I really don't want to leave the South West. I love it here.

The recent floods in Lourdes ( and a major contributor to my tale of woe) have made me reflect on how the energetic meaning of water is about cleansing and bringing about change....

I don't mind the change. I had already realised that the life I was living was not serving any higher purpose, and was not fulfilling me on every or even any level. The problem is I seem to have lost the paddles to my canoe whilst hurtling towards the rapids at an alarming rate...

Despite all that, I am happy, worried certainly, but still happy and grateful. I live in a beautiful region. I have the most amazing supportive people in my life. The fact that I am not working has allowed me to give my time, to help those that have been affected by the floods, clean up and get back on their feet.

I have food on my table, a roof over my head, running water, (and a kettle to make the water hot) and my cats are happy. What more could anyone ask for?


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Things will work out, i'm sure of it! It took me years to realize that I was just "going with the flow" and taking whatever was offered me where I went. I felt that it was all I could have and what I was limited to since obviously the system and maybe even life were being unfair with me. Finding or making some oars, taking things really into your own hands will be a huge step. If you find yourself way out of your comfort zone, it means you're doing something right! You can do this, and you've got lots of support.

Thank you Roger but I've just seen the lightning to the garage to check the ark...just in case ;)

I'm wringing my hands for you, crossing my fingers, and NOT telling you about the storm that just passed over here heading east! :-)

Thanks Hilary. I am going to get started on that next week. I'm not even completely sure of what I need to do but no doubt I will be

I wholeheartedly encourage you to follow the route to become "assermentée" (presuming that is what you meant by "get signed up with the Tribunal in Pau". I have done this with the tribunal in Caen and have to say it has transformed my business.

Feel free to pm me for more information, though I can't really give you any tips on the application process, as it took me 3 attempts to get accepted and (at least here in Normandy) the court doesn't give a reason for rejection. You cannot appeal or find out why you were rejected unless the court has not followed the correct procedures, which, of course, you have no way of knowing, as they don't give a reason for rejecting your application in the first place! Just keep trying. In any case, the procedures may be different in your area

Thank you all for your comments.

Well the afternoon has already been more positive than the morning was. Fingers crossed I won't have to find the 850€ for the taxe d'habitation as my earnings were so ow last year and it looks like I may be lined up for a job interview too! :)

Hi Damaris,

It's funny you should have mentionned the 23rd of December 2011 because that's the very day my life started to go downhill...

I know how you feel and I know many people who feel as we feel so I can only assume all will be fine in the end :)

I have stopped worrying myself and decided to trust Life for once :)

Keep being happy and make your cats happy and all will be well for you :)



Bon courage, Damaris - it *will* all come good in the end!!

Thank you for this, Damaris.

For all of us Brian, for all of us.

We here understand. The bits of work either of us have done for nearly three years should not be sufficient to feed the mice crumbs. OH selling houses part-time often fills most of her time with that to the detriment of the other stuff. Not many are selling but lots of people looking. The real work goes on hold, not that it makes much ever anyway. I do bits and pieces, have something promised to me that is slowly NOT appearing. Things have to change. To leave here would break our hearts, I guess it is a matter of optimism (not always easy) and luck (not in over abundant supply) then life will turn for the better.

So, wishing you the same and let the turn round be a good and long one.

Another golden oldie that has come up on my feed. Must be something to do with my merged accounts.
How things change eh? It’s good to look back and see how far things have come :pray::hugs::blush:


I just started reading this, from the beginning, and was worried you’d lost your job(s), then realised it was 2013…

Sorry Mark, didn’t mean to scare you. James recently merged my accounts, because I was a numpty and forgot I had an account already. I’ve just noticed a lot of my old posts coming up on my unread subjects list. Interesting to see how things have evolved since then.

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Just like Mark, I started reading and got worried! It took ages before I noticed the date :smiley:

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I’ve just modified the heading so you lovely people don’t worry :joy::kissing_heart::bouquet:

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What a good idea! Now to get people to read the header before diving in :rofl: