La Rentrée Scolaire 2018

We’ve gained a new Class in CP… taken a look today… whole new decor… lovely little desks and chairs…takes me right back…

But when I cheerfully pointed out the holes for the inkwells, the Assistant looked aghast… Oh no… they won’t be using ink… :open_mouth: they will probably sit a favourite toy in that bit… :wink:

Ah… so, my fond memories of ink-smudges on my face and hands with specks and splashes on the pages… and (horror of horrors) on my uniform… they have gone back into the closet (or the inkwell)… :zipper_mouth_face:

My step-son is off to university next week. He has a lovely room in a hall of residence (forget what it’s called here) with a coin cuisine and a shower room and he even has a tiny balcony with lovely views. He is so excited and can’t wait to go.

His Maman, Papa and I are a bit less excited about him leaving us but we’re all trying hard not to show it. He’s only 17 (18 next March) and it seems so young to be going to a strange place all alone and having to completely fend for himself. :worried::worried:


Difficult age Mandy, we still find them too young, but this is the only way for them to grow up :sleepy:

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ah, when I was young… (no comments please) we had to learn to write propa-like with a quill pen dipped in ink, BEFORE we were allowed to use ball-point pens


Been there - done that, its a great although worrying experience. But they will always be “the little ones”

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He’s so young Babeth. He has never had to manage money, never been shopping alone, never had to pay his own bills and has only just opened his first bank account. I can see him getting to the middle of the month and having no money left.

I can also see him spending way too much time on computer games when he should be studying. There will be no Maman controlling his screen time.

I hope I’m worrying unnecessarily.


Yes me too. Although I think my ink pen had a plastic cartridge!!

My young niece is 7 and the kids in her class have to earn a “pen licence”. She always talking about her pen licence and she’s very proud of it!

He will do as we did, learn by his own experience. We have a say in french : “l’expérience des uns ne sert pas aux autres”. But I know how it’s heart breaking :worried:

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This is us about 6 months after we first met and he was 6. These days I just about come up to his armpit level. He is 6ft 6in!!