La Rentree

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #1

So it is upon us, bags, shoes, pencil cases & whatever else I have no idea have now been bought?

It would be great for you to share with us the demands of your school for La Rentree, did you need to buy anything out of the ordinary? Were you given book lists? How much should we allow for books for each academic year?

Let us know what's been driving you crazy in preparation for this huge event!


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(Catharine Higginson) #2

Apparently that’s only for slappers : ) )

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #3

shame that doesn’t apply to school bags too! We heard from one of our friends that their daughter says this year you HAVE to have a Longchamps school bag!
UK Stores Delivering Overseas

(Catharine Higginson) #4

I agree and some schools do do that - it makes life so much simpler and has got to be more ‘green’

At college here almost everything is provided - its much better as all the kids have the same folders so there’s no stigma if you can only afford a bien vu model and other kids have got Chipie ones.

(Natasha Wright) #5


I think it is mad as well - am still in the ‘UK’ mindset and cant really understand why we are supplying anything - I am too used to having everything provided!

I have heard of schools which provide little packages and the parents just have to pay x amount but have to admit that I would be too cynical, think I was being ripped off and go and get it myself anyway!

Natasha x

(Claudia Graf) #6

Maybe I just don’t get it, but I do not understand why schools aren’t better organised. Reading all your posts here for “la rentree” and hearing my friends report, and our own albeit small experience makes me think that it is all designed to have a maximum amount of people run around to search for elusive items on the sometimes oh so long list of provisions.
Every school, sometimes every teacher seems to have their own ideas as to what to get for the term. With us it was 2 different types of notebooks, both of which didn’t seem to be readily available. Rather than having 30 sets of parents run about to try and find these notebooks (complete waste of time in my eyes), why doesn’t the teacher/school get 30 of each and ask for the money? That way every student has the same provision… Maybe I am just being too German???

(Tracy Thurling) #7

Great, he has changed classroom and maitresse so he really enjoyed it, in fact he confided, ‘maman, I love Madame Lagoutte’. Add to that the joy of finding his doudou in the garderie after 5 weeks of heartbreak, he’s a happy little boy after all!
and the short nap is working a treat!

(Catharine Higginson) #8

How’s his shock factor this morning?!

(Natasha Wright) #9


I thought it was standard that they can go from 2 1/2? My middle one, who is now 3 and starting MS, went to PS from 2 years 5 months FULL TIME! I know I must sound like a horrible mummy but we are in the middle of nowhere and its a 25 minute drive to school and the thought of going there and back first thing, there and back at lunch time to pick middle one up and then there and back to pick eldest one up at end of day did not appeal!

I think he got on fine and we were told by several people that the intensive exposure to the language would only serve to help him. Needless to say despie occasional tears in the morning he always runs out saying he has had a great day.

We will most likely send our youngest who is 1 1/2 there next September when he will be 2 years and 9 months.

Natasha x

(Natasha Wright) #10


3 year old starting MS which is not too traumatic as it has spent 8 months in PS last school year which is in the same room so he was familiar with everything - we didnt get asked to bring in anything for him though!

6 year old started CP and he was quite happy although things are very different from his UK primary school… thank goodness he spent a few months in GS getting used to the school and people! He aslo has little desks to sit at facing the front of the room rather than the sit anywhere approach he is used to. His list to take was fairly straightforward with the usual pencils, rubbers, glue etc along with the little white board. They requested cloths and wipes as well but I found one in Carrefour which has like a little scraper brush and pen which clicks onto the side - less for him to lose! I dont think he gets that these are his school things just for him to use - in his UK school we never had to provide anything and it was a free for all of supplies!

Natasha x

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #11

I asked at the Mairie today what age my little one needs to be to go part time, I’m starting to worry about managing with 2 under 2 year olds! Interestingly they said next September she could go to maternelle some mornings and she’ll only be 2 and a half.

Plastic Cups & Kitchen Roll- I can’t imagine an English primary asking for these :slight_smile:

@John, Good Luck with the next one - I won’t be long after you, I’m due end of October beginning Nov!

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(Tracy Thurling) #12

My youngest is in MS and his list was for:
Painting overall
150 plastic cups
Box of tissues
Roll of kitchen roll

Last year it was similar but included a pack of baby wipes - this year they have asked for 2 packs for each of the little ones. On a recent thread, apparently you often have to provide a peg - to fasten the little one’s napkin to them at lunchtime!

Enjoy the little bit of peace before no 2 arrives - you will just be so busy!!!

(Tracy Thurling) #13

Fortunately our school was very well organised and offered to provide a parcel of the necessary for just 30€ (CP). This did include the slate and box of chalks but we still had a few odds and sods to buy, which included une eponge, a sac en tissu and a ‘chiffon’. These turned out to be for the slate - a little frog shaped sponge in a matching plastic tub to wash the slate, the ‘chiffon’ to dry it and the ‘sac’ to keep it all in! I hope I haven’t made a ‘faux pas’ by sending daughter with a house hold duster, no doubt I will hear all about it tonight.
Ours started back today and we ventured upstairs to the CP where Chiara was shown to her desk - all in rows of 2, just like the olden days. My grammar school was old fashioned with desks like that but it’s amazing that this is for 6 years olds, with homework every night as well.
What has driven me crazy about La Rentree, is my daughter asking me every day, how many more days till we go back and the little one saying it doesn’t matter 'cos he’s not going back. He got a shock this morning, hope it didn’t last long, especially when he discovers that they will wake him up from his sieste this year. And a good thing too - perhaps he will go to sleep before 9 o clock at night and then be able to wake up in the morning.