Hello just received an email to say that my CDSejour has been approved and requesting me to send a copy of my passport and utility bill as I’ve held a card before , so I don’t need to visit.
It’s just an odd feeling that it wasn’t quite genuine odd header titles, and slightly jumbled wording ; Préf Charente-Maritime
sent by
Anybody else had communication from this person ,we know that there have been a lot of scams sent out from supposed ‘gouv’ sites I don’t fancy sending my passport copy etc , did a search but no info available
Anybody else received communication from this person ??
Please only replies from LA ROCHELLE applicants many thanks

You say you only want replies from Charente, but that is exactly the same format as my Dept. Including Préf as that’s how the accents come through on a computer set to english.

Did yiu hover over the address to see if anything else came up?


I was reluctant to reply as I’m not from LA ROCHELLE (sorry for the shouting), but that would be my first thought. You could also right-click on the address and "view details"or similar to check the actual email address it was sent from.


Neither an applicant nor in La Rochelle, but there’s a very simple solution, why don’t you just telephone them to make sure they sent out the email?