Labour and Conservatives 'in secret talks to secure softer Brexit'

Thank goodness, about time this nonsense was stopped.

But it won’t be, Labour are also committed to Brexit just as the Tories are. Besides, if the EU stick to their declared stance of no access to the common market without acceptance of free movement then the Tories are either going to have to stick with “Hard Brexit” or face a massive climb down on something they have said is sacrsanct (control of borders).

The Tories are between a rock and a hard place. Any agreement with DUP risks the Good Friday Agreement and also because of the Barnett formula any extra money extorted by the DUP for Northern Ireland will also have to be offered to both Scotland and Wales. I can’t see the Treasury agreeing to that. Philip Hammond is in a much better place than before the election and Theresa May will have to listen to him.
The Lib Dems will also soon have a much stronger leader and the Scottish Tories are also looking at a softer Brexit.