Labradinger breders

Hello all you dog lovers, do any of you know of anybody in france who breeds Labradinger dogs, it is for a french neighbour who is looking to buy one.

We expect a litter from a Yellow female Lab and a Liver/White male Springer. Due any time now. God knows what color they will be. Chocolate Labs do not make the best workers, often too heavy, bred for show rather than work, and with a small gene pool. Black Labs seem to me to be the easiest to train, but Yellow Labs, if work bred, are very fast. Mum is a field trialer over here in France and a working test award winner in the UK The price quoted in the UK seems about right, approx 485 euros over here. However, I will be pricing ours at about 350 to 400 euros including first vaccination and micro-chip , as there are no Rabies and passport cost which would be incurred for a dog coming from the UK. Maybe a hundred less, but I have not yet talked this over with my wife. She owns the female. If you want me to keep you posted PM me.

He is looking for a short hair chocolate labrador springer x and wants a puppy so that he can train it, he is being quoted around the £350 price range from english breeders, but does not fancy driving to england to fetch it.

'Labradinger' is a new one on me. Is it a Labrador Springer Spaniel X? If so we know them as Springadors, and we have a litter due any day now. They are bred as muliti purpose Chasse dogs and popular in the East Midlands of the UK.If the person wants a dog to train for work avoid a refuge dog as it will have been unwanted, possibly ill treated prior to arriving at the refuge, and have behavior issues. Moreover, by the time you pay the cost of buying from a refuge it costs just as much as buying from a reputable breeder who is licensed by Department Vet authorities.

Is this a cross between a Labrador and a Springer spaniel ?
If so there are plenty of cross bred dogs in refuges needing homes.