Lacanche Cluny induction cooker

Fan oven, conventional oven, hood with horizontal extraction plus backsplash. Very good condition. Reason for sale is it doesn’t fit in with our new planned kitchen. Bought in 2016.

We are in 87 Haute Vienne.
This is heavy so would need preferably a tailift and a couple of strong people.

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Hello, just wanted to know if you still have the oven for sale.

Hello paddywack, I’m interested in your cooker.

Hey, @Paddywack - you may have a buyer for your cooker!

@Incredebile - typing ‘@’ followed by ‘username’ (without the apostrophes) sends that user an email to alert them to the fact that a message needs their attention.

And welcome to the forum…

Thank you!

Don’t hold your breath - Paddywhack last visited the site in February 21 :pleading_face:

But they managed to sneak in and post the advert above in Aug 22?? :smiley:

(I take your point though, the cooker is probably long gone…)

Welcome to Survive Cookers @Incredebile !

Don’t blame me if the user profile is wrong! Anyway, they could be a time traveller…

it is possible to misread the info… if one only takes a quick look… at the User info… :wink:
the date is month and day, the year is shown in full or after an ’ apostrophe… :wink:

I agree, maybe sold long ago.

Thanks though.