Ladybirds Invasion

Today (in 33) we have had a huge invasion of ladybirds - there are perhaps 50 on every window on the sunny side of the house. They are sneaking in around the windows into the house (must get those gaps closed).

We have taken to taping up the gaps in the windows and vacuuming up the ladybirds.

Anyone else getting hundreds of ladybirds today.

@Mat_Davies OOOH NO! Don’t vacuum them up!!! They are so beneficial for the garden. Their larvae eat aphids.

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@spj - there are thousands of them no choice but vacuum up those that come inside. There are so many more outside what we have vacuumed won’t make a difference to the population.

WOW! I’ve had a few around. Warm weather maybe?

Since Monday we’ve had loads on the windows here too (23), really mild over the last couple of days.

Depends on what type of ladybird…if they are the invading harlequin one they are eating the larvae of the native ladybirds and other good things so you can hoover them up with impunity

Loads here too today.

Just the one on the living room window, so far.

Not many here that I have seen, but I think the hoovering them up may not be fatal as long as the dust is emptied into the garden. Then again, maybe modern machines compress them. ;-(

By chance I saw the first ladybird here in Brittany today that I have seen for s long time.

Haven’t got many ladybirds, but do seem to have a lot of punaise everywhere (again)

I wish we had ladybirds! I remember years ago my organic farming friend bought I think it was 40,000 larvae in a box!

I take back my comment from 5 days ago, garden awash with them now, all trying to get into the house, or on our balcony window, and flying into my hair and beard over the weekend !

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