L'aeroport Nice - Import Advice Sought

Hi, Anybody any advice on the following please?

Bringing 2 dogs into Nice airport as cargo from what is classed as a third country. They are fully chipped, vaccinated and will have been wormed and have necessary paperwork completed at this end (Qatar). So, does anyone know if there is a resident vet at the airport? Who do the taxes get paid to ? Has anyone done this ? Any advice appreciated.

I have had quote from a Pet Importer and the cost is €120 tax and €60 per dog for the vet. The remaining €410 it seems is for the pet relocator, so I am trying to be that person myself !


Good luck Kaz. The Adour is one of my favourite spots for walking and painting.

It actually served a purpose - an angry woman on a mission to retrieve her pets gets her over 90% of the fear of driving a previously unseen, very large rental car around Paris Orly. I hated it for them, they were already terrified, in crates, after a flight and still with a 5 hour drive ahead of them. The cats obviously couldn't even be let out for a stretch. Sasha the dog could, and you can imagine how much she was shaking.

It's great that you still have the EU passport as it could make things a little easier, you never know. Hopefully Nice will give you the A, B, C of what you need to have with you/done beforehand and you'll all be reunited without a hitch.

Oh crickey Valerie that must have been very traumatic. I would have thought there would be a resident vet in CDG. Which is why we should never assume anything (makes an ass out of u and me !) I am going to contact Nice to see if they will tell me anything re collection point/vet on duty.

Both dogs do actually have an EU passport as we brought them with us from France to here; that was 7 years ago - I can't wait to take them a proper walk down L'Adour! Hopefully, the EU passports will help the process.

I will post my experience. :)

Hi Kaz,

I felt I was walking on eggshells when I brought 3 of mine into France and I was coming from an EU country! I've done a quick bit of research and it seems as though you're about there. I brought mine into Paris as cargo and the biggest problem was that they were, unbeknownst to me, whisked out of the airport and put into a warehouse a couple of miles away. It took an hour and a half to find this out. I then had about €75 to pay to have them released which I assume was the tax. I saw no vet. When I booked them in at my departure point, copies of all the paperwork were taken and kept with their carriers in transit.

As you won't have access to an 'EU Pet Passport', here's a link which shows you comparable documents in PDF format which you can download for the vet in Qatar if he doesn't have something acceptable. It's a bit of a plough through but hopefully you'll find some solutions here.

I really hope all goes well for you and the dogs.

Keep us informed.


Hi Kaz,

I’d try speaking to the local french embassy/consulate. They’ll tell you what you need to do and then it is a question of administrating it your end to save the pet relocation charges. I’ve only brought in a dog and a parrot from the UK and found out the requirements and then did it myself.

Bon voyage to you and the dogs!