Lagotto Romagnolo breed (Truffle hunters)


We live in The Vendee region ( dep't 85) and have been living in France for 2 years.

IWe have recently become the proud owners of a Lagotto Romagnolo dog her name is Lola and she is now 5 mnths old

Since the breed seems to be a rarity in this part of France she is something of a novelty around here.

I have posted some pics of her and has you can see she is adorable All of our French neighbours have fallen in love with her.

This breed originate fron Italy and they are quite popular in The Perigord and South West regions of France where they are used to sniff out truffles.

We would like to hear from any Lagotto owners on this board who would like to share their experiences of Lagotto's with us .


Tony and Ros

Hi Tony

Aw she is cute! Can I suggest you post the pics directly - that will make it easier for everyone to see/

Just click on the second icon in from the left in this box and you are away!

Hi Tony - I did write you a message, but it seems to have disappeared?? I am guessing this is user error - as just joined the forum, so still finding my way around.

Your Lagotto looks beautiful, I have a male, 7 months old, and pretty much identical markings to Lola, although mine looks like a bit of of shaggy bear at the moment, time for the groomers soon.

Would love to swap info and gain some advice from an experienced Lagotto owner, like you, I have seen none in my area, infact my Ted is the only one I've ever seen.

Once I've mastered the art of actually sending a message, I'll try posting some photos.