LAMDA Group for Children

Hello Group,

I am considering setting up a LAMDA (London Academy Music and Dramatic Arts) Group and Private Examination Centre for children ranging from 7 years to 16 years in the Cognac 16100 area. I specialise in language interference, commonly known as Elocution and Accent Reduction as a professional speech, voice and language trainer and Associate LAMDA teacher.

Currently, my team and I teach young learners and train executives all around the world with our young learners being prepared for LAMDA examinations in the Communication pathways of Public Speaking, Speaking Verse and Prose and the Performance pathways of Acting and Musical Theatre.

The LAMDA Communication pathways help non-native English speakers to reduce their native accent when speaking English which enables greater fluency and confidence in communication. The LAMDA learning pathway in Communication focuses upon building skills in communicative enhancement, literature appreciation, understanding poetry, dramatic exploration and the development of presentation skills, all of which come within the testing of key skills for IGCSE English and GCSE English under the National Curriculum. In addition, LAMDA qualifications are credit bearing qualifications and accredited with prior learning which may be offered in support for higher education entry into university.

At present, I am trying to gauge whether there would be any interest amongst parents and children for the establishment of a LAMDA Group and Private Examination Centre in the Charente area.

Please could you send me an email to express your interest if you feel that a LAMDA Group would be of benefit.

Thank you for your help.