Lamp Circuit


Does anyone know if French Electricity Regulations allow for the equivalent of a lamp lighting circuit like we get in the UK?



My mistake, been working on to many old circuits recently and was thinking fusibles not disjoncteur.

As you say, 16 and 20A disjoncteur are the norm for lights and sockets respectively.

My bad!


For old installations you can use 10A if you have a fuse-type breaker or you can use a disjoncteur individuelle which should be 16A for lighting. You cannot use a 10A disjoncteur for light circuits. For sockets you can use 10A fuse/16A disjoncteur if you use 1.5 wire and only max 5 (I think) sockets on the circuit. For 8 sockets max on a circuit use 16A fuse/20A disjoncteur and 2.5 wire.

Hi Kate, Suz,

I think Kate's reply should have read 10A (max 16A) disjoncteur for the lighting circuit (with 16 for the prise/sockets).


If you mean a ring main as the uk regs i believe not

The regs allow for up to 8 points of light per circuit on 1.5mm wire with a 16A disjoncteur. Spots totalling 300W in the same room count as 1 point of light. Is that what you wanted to know?